• Eliot Case was an Emmy Award winning broadcast engineer who contributed to significant advancements in speech concatenation, microphone technologies, audio/video compression and directory assistance. He was granted over 30 patents in his career during his time at KUED-TV, KMGH-TV, USWEST, EchoStar and Technicolor.

    He was born in 1960 and attended Highland High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. At 16 he started work for musician Nyle Steiner and built several hundred synthesizers used by Earth Wind & Fire, The Doors, Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa. Eliot was known to friends and family as warm and intelligent. He had a great sense of humor, and was always there to help and teach.

    Eliot died at the MetroHealth Center in Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday, January 22, 2017 after an 8-month battle with Burkitt's Lymphoma. He was 56 years old. He is survived by his wife, Suzan; daughter, Amber Case; mother, Joanna Case; and brother and sister, Tom and Judy. His ashes will be spread around the world by his family.

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    Eliot and Suzy with newborn Amber in SLC, UT in 1986.

    Suzy and Eliot in 1983.

    Eliot, Suzy and Amber Case on Halloween in 1986.

    Eliot in SLC, UT. 1986.

    Eliot teaching Amber how to crawl in Denver, CO. 1986.

    Eliot testing microphones in the backyard with Amber.

    Eliot with drawings of speaker profiles in 1984 in SLC, UT.

    An early version of Eliot's studio.

    Eliot, Suzy and Amber in Snoqualmie Falls, WA during a USWEST retreat.

    Eliot and Suzy getting married in 1983 in Bountiful, UT.

    Eliot and older brother Tom Case dressed up for Halloween 1969.

    Eliot and Suzy on a road trip between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, UT.

    Eliot's signature look in 1985!

    Eliot and Suzy in Laguna Beach, CA in 1999.

    Judy Case, Tom Case and infant Eliot Case in 1960.

    Eliot and Amber Thanksgiving 1993.

    Studio Days

    One of the SLC punk bands produced by Eliot in the early 80's.

    Studio built by Eliot Case and Nyle Steiner: 1981.

    Eliot Case at age 19 in the studio he and Steiner shared. This is in Steiner’s basement in Salt Lake City.

    Each of them contributed half of the equipment and then produced a bunch of SLC punk bands here.

    • Left-front: Tascam quarter-inch mastering machine.
    • Left: 24 input audio console British made by Kelsey.
    • Top-middle: Tascam 8 track audio recorder with DBX noise reduction.
    • Right top: Modular synth built by Nyle Steiner.
    • Middle: Synthesystem: Steiner modular synth built by Eliot now in a museum in New York. Similar model to the one used by Earth Wind and Fire.
    • Bottom: Another modular synth built by Nyle Steiner.

    Nyle Steiner in the studio with his invention. The EVI.

    Eliot relaxing in the back yard in SLC, UT in 1986.

    Suzy and Eliot on their street in Denver, Colorado: 1999.

    Urey Experiment

    14-15 year old Eliot Case and John Jenkins attempt the famous Urey experiment for a science fair in Salt Lake City, Utah. (larger image).

    Rocket Days

    Eliot and Amber started building AAA engine Estes rockets in 1989.

    The rockets got larger each year. Engines went from AAA to D, then G and H.

    This rocket needed a special clearance from the Air Force outside of Denver, CO. It took over an hour to retrieve once it landed!

    We love you, Eliot! Thanks for all of the wonderful memories, and for making our lives great!

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